For the longest time, other designers have been telling me about the transition from being a graphic designer to a ui/ux designer. At first, I was hesitant to jump into this other realm of design, but as I looked into it more and more and with my current role as an interactive graphic artist at a fortune 500 company, I can see exactly where this plays into a designers life. 

Stay tuned for some recent ui/ux layouts and flat tool kits  that I have been working on. 

Thank you!

- gil


" One who is comfortable with their position and is NOT challenged will not prosper. One who has no appetite for bettering themselves and others around him/her will not be remembered, but those who want to better themselves, their community and the companies that they work for will have internal happiness and success."

- unknown

A New Venture

I sit here today and wonder what my next phase in life is going to be. I am now in the Corporate Design world, but it is truly my calling? I love what I do, but like most artist/designers, we need to be challenged. My current assignment will be up next month and only faith, prayer, and patience can keep me sane. I will continue on this corporate design path and I will take it as far as it lets me. 

- gil