PROJECT - Music App
CLIENT: Modern Wave (concept)
ROLES: Logo Design and UI Design
ABOUT: Modern Wave is a music app that enables you to follow Artists and keep up to date with their newest music by creating playlists and downloading the tracks that you love. It enables you to see tour dates and gives you the ability to purchase tickets.



PROJECT: Delta Strike Mobile Game
CLIENT: Warlord Games (concept)
ROLES: Logo Design and UI Design
ABOUT: Warlord Games is a Mobile Game company. Delta Strike is a First Person Shooter Mobile war game similar to Modern Warfare. This Game brings the user into the game and has the same feel as a First Person Shooter as any Home Gaming System such as PlayStation and Xbox. 



PROJECT: Landing Pages
Client: Da Fam Records Independent Music Label
Roles: UI Design
About: Da Fam Records is an Independent Music Label located in the Bay Area of California. They produce Hip-Hop and R&B music.